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Which Body Style Fits your Lifestyle?

Cars, trucks, and SUVs make up the majority of the automotive industry, but each is vastly different than the others. While cars offer benefits that larger vehicles lack, they come in coupe and sedan body styles. In the same way, trucks and SUVs offer different benefits and work better for certain lifestyles and needs. Check out the differences between coupes, sedans, trucks, and SUVs with these quick summaries.


When people refer to a “coupe,” they’re generally talking about a sporty two-door car. Typically, coupes offer sportier design than sedans, but lack comparable interior space. As a matter of fact, coupes generally have a maximum of 33 cu ft. of interior space.

Coupes are designed for drivers who want more thrill and less family space. There are usually two rear seats as opposed to the usual three. That means there’s only seating for four and adults will have trouble getting into the rear.

Like sedans, however, they generally offer higher fuel economy than trucks and SUVs.


Four-door cars with closed-roof designs are called sedans. Sedans often have much more interior space than coupes. The rear seats often have space for three passengers, giving sedans a total capacity of five people.

Sedans often aren’t as sporty when it comes to design, but it isn’t uncommon for sedans and coupes to share the same engines. Regardless, both cars earn better fuel economy than trucks and SUVs.


When it comes to family-sized vehicles, none can top the plethora of space and seating arrangements of an SUV. Most SUVs can tow and haul a reasonable amount of cargo as well, making it a combination of a sedan and truck.

SUVs often come stocked with powerful engines that offer exceptional acceleration. The family-friendly design makes SUVs the perfect pick for drivers with larger families or a need for more interior space.


Trucks tend to be less expensive than SUVs and offer more towing and hauling capabilities. Accessing cargo is much easier thanks to the bed. Trucks usually bring lighter engines and an overall lower weight, resulting higher fuel economy compared to SUVs.

Due to their work-ready design, trucks are built with durability in mind. Off-road capability, primarily through four-wheel drive, is a common feature throughout the truck segment. Some trucks, like the Ford F-150 Raptor, are even designed to take on rough terrain.

It’s fairly easy to see just how different cars, trucks, and SUVs are when parked next to one another. Trucks offer more capability, while SUVs tend to lean towards meeting family needs. Coupes bring sporty styling, while sedans offer a more conservative driving experience. Check out each body style and see what works best for you with a test drive at Shults Ford of Wexford.
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