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How to Change Your Oil

Oil Is Important. REALLY Important.

Inside of your engine, there is explosion after explosion occurring the entire time you are driving, initiating the movement of a number of metal parts that slide against each other at less than a hair width’s margin.​ 

Oil is the lubricant that prevents these parts from overheating under such stressful conditions. This is why being low on oil or failing to introduce clean oil regularly into your engine can be extremely destructive.​ 


When it comes to an oil change, some people are unsure of how often this should be done. Your best resource for this information is your owner’s manual. A manufacturer will recommend a healthy oil change interval. You’ll also find the recommended viscosity in the owner’s manual (and many times on the oil cap).

You can always stop in to Shults Ford Lincoln - Wexford for your oil change, and this is probably the safer bet if you’re a novice under the hood. But if you know what you’re doing and you’re the kind of person that likes to get their hands dirty, then changing your oil is a great way to do it! Although if you wear gloves, your hands should stay grease-free.

To change your oil…
  1. Elevate your car with ramps or jack stands.
  2. Locate the oil pan and the drain plug underneath.
  3. Place a catch tray under the drain plug and using a glove or rag, remove the plug, allowing all of the oil to run out until there is a very slow drip.​ 
  4. Locate the oil filter and unscrew by hand if you can; if not you might need to pick up an oil filter socket. The filter will be full of oil so be careful not to dump it all over yourself once removed.
  5. Replace the drain plug. Tight but not to the point you’ll never be able to get it off.
  6. Dab your finger in oil and rub it on the gasket of your new oil filter before screwing in the new filter.
  7. Remove your oil cap up top and pour in the new oil. If your car is known to take four quarts, then pour in three and a quarter quarts and start your car. Let it run for a minute.
  8. Check for leaks underneath.
  9. Pour in the rest of the oil a little at a time, all the time checking the level with your dipstick to make sure you do not under- or over-fill.
  10. Dispose of the oil and oil filter properly and revel in your DIY success!​ 

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