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FAQ About Service in Pittsburgh, PA

Service FAQ
Bringing your vehicle in for service is one of the small, yet necessary, annoyances in life. At Shults Ford Lincoln - Wexford, we want to make sure you have the best experience possible when you come to our service center because we know it can be an inconvenience. Do you need to bring your vehicle in for every little thing? We recommend that if you aren’t sure, bring it in. But what do you need to look for? What are a few of the frequently asked questions when it comes time to bring in your vehicle? Check them out!

How often should I get my oil changed in my vehicle?

The frequency of changing your oil typically depends on the type of car you have, not to mention the type of oil you are using. If you have a newer vehicle model, there is typically an automated warning light that will pop on when it is time to get your oil changed. If you are sporting an older, yet still reliable, vehicle, it is best to check the Owner’s Manual or contact a service center technician.

When my vehicle’s brake warning light comes on, what does it mean?

This can mean a couple things. Did you forget to take off your emergency brake before driving? It happens to all of us from time to time, so once you release the brake, the light should go off. Emergency brake not on but the warning light is? This is a problem that needs immediate attention and should be brought into the service center at your earliest possible convenience.

Are there ways to prolong the life of my brakes?

Yes! Check out a few of the tips to help you get the most out of your brakes:
  • Don’t tailgate, cruise with the flow of traffic
  • Make sure you are calm behind the wheel. Road rage can lead to last minute braking, which is harder on your brake pads
  • Try to avoid traveling in stop and go traffic whenever possible
  • Traveling with heavy items? Don’t make a habit of it!
  • Don’t ride your brake

I have a small crack in my windshield. Is it really necessary to fix it?

The answer is yes! It may just be a small crack at first, but with more traveling, the crack can grow bigger. If you get your windshield fixed as soon as the crack occurs, you can be saving yourself a lot of costly repairs in the future.

Do I need to replace my wiper blades on a regular basis?

Yes! The wiper blades are constantly exposed to the weather, which affect the life of your blades on a regular basis. Once they have been battling the elements long enough, they will start to lose flexibility and become brittle, essentially becoming useless. Once they start smudging your windshield instead of wiping it clean, it’s time to get them replaced. Good thing every Wednesday is Wiper Wednesday at Shults Ford Lincoln - Wexford! Come to the service center for a free set of wiper blades and we will top off your washer fluid at no cost to you*!

Have any other questions regarding possible service on your vehicle? Contact the Shults Ford Lincoln - Wexford service center at (724) 934-2388 or schedule a service with us today! We will see you there!
*Bring the printed special from the website when coming to the service center.

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