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Why Choose​ Ford Remote Start

Ford cares about a simplified and convenient driving experience; that’s why the brand is making standard the easiest remote start system on the market.

Ford’s remote start system allows you to turn on your vehicle from up to 300 feet away, in the dead of winter or during the peak of summer. With just the press of a button, you can set your car to a comfortable cabin temperature by the time you’re ready to drive.

The remote start tech is located within your key fob. Remote start can be switched on and off simply through the information display on your dashboard. Remote start features safety guards and will not work under a specific set of circumstances, including if the hood is open, the transmission is not in park, the service engine light is on, or the battery voltage is too low.

Be sure not to activate remote start when your Ford vehicle is parked in an unventilated space.
Ford Remote Start
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